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Firmware release for TF card ?

Hi. Any chance for original Firmware to be released for TF card update? Just in case something goes wrong and need to install original Firmware.

also for those without PC computer, is it possible to release Firmware for TF card for probox2 AVA? Thank you.


  • Steven, I am not quite sure what you mean in your second question, 

    My Ava box runs in my homenetwork, but is not connected via a pc.
    I recently upgraded OTA (Over the Air) and this worked flawless.
    The beauty is, the firmware will not be changed unless the file is 100% ok, so no worries there.

    So just make sure you do not run your box on batteries, you will be fine ;)

    cheers, Marco
  • sorry what i mean is i don't have Pc to use 'burning tool' so it is much easier to use TF card update like other probox2's. easier to download firmware to usb drive and update manually

    sometimes i like to install original firmware if something goes wrong
  • Ah i see. I don't think it will be an issue yo ask for the firmwares to be made available online. Let me check with the team for you.
  • thanks friend
  • its alright. i bought a few Zidoo H6 Pro's. Zidoo guys actually respond to you where Probox2 guys rarely do. The Zidoo box is faster and has better picture quality than my various Probox2 boxes. 

    I'd recommend Zidoo to anyone over Probox2 any day just based on customer service alone
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